The Optimizer

The copilot for high performance customer facing teams

The Optimizer is at the core of our software. It sits in your team members’ inboxes and displays their live performance stats, and constantly sifts through their emails, making smart recommendations as to which emails to attend to next, based on SLAs and reply time goals. 100% customizable to ensure that it focuses your team on what’s most important to them. It’s where the magic happens.

Optimizer set-up wizard

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Primary metrics

Different teams have different priorities. Choose from a range of Primary Metrics. Select the one you want your team to focus on.

Secondary metrics

The range of Secondary Metrics are available to you in case your team has a number of important performance metrics; or visibility of one or two related Secondary Metrics can help your team members optimize their performance around the Primary Metric. The choice is yours.


Emails section

The Important Emails section is where two…important things happen. First, the emails that the specific team member needs to attend to next are prioritized here.

They are prioritized either based on having a specific SLA attached (e.g. from a tier 1 customer), or their proximity to a reply time goal that has been set for the team. Second, any email that is assigned to the team member by another team member, is highlighted here, ensuring that the right person is responding to the customer at all times.

Customer testimonials

The Optimizer's priority email section is fantastic for managing my inbox. It provides a seamless way to stay organized and responsive

Sydney O'Dwyer

Logistics Specialist

The Optimizer enables all users to easily keep track of emails that need to be addressed stay organized. It has been helpful for our team to be more productive.

Rei Stuart

Assistant Manager, Customer Service and Logistics

It's not for managers, it's actually for getting them (team members) to manage themselves. They're geting the insights themselves. That's the advantage and what I like about it.

Gerard Kiernan

Director, Professional services

I like the Optimizer's Priority email section, it's like my own personalized email to-do list, helping me stay on top of critical emails and ensuring that I never miss a reply time goal. I now maintain high responsiveness to customers.

Deanna L

CS-FF Team Lead, Human Resources

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Top performing companies globally use timetoreply to:

Empower their customer-facing teams to self-optimize their email behavior

Retain and grow existing customer relationships

Gain 100% visibility into their teams’ email performance